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What causes bore water to be brown?

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Sick of metallic tasting brown water? Our latest article may give you some clues as to what is going on and what the solution is.

Brown Bore water Before And After
Brown Bore Water Before And After

1. What causes bore water to go brown? Brown water is usually caused by iron in the water table which in turn makes the water brown coloured and taste very metallic. Bore water has other minerals as well including calcium and magnesium.which is why for any scoping project, we encourage you to carry out a detailed water analysis.

2. What are the important factors you look for when testing bore water?. When we test your water we are looking for how many minerals are present ● Iron %percentages ● Manganese % percentages in the water ● The PH of your water ● The total hardness of the water i.e how much calcium and magnesium is present. ● Any other chemical or minerals in the supply that may be of a concern The issue with having iron in your water is it fouls everything, which means you cannot use it to wash clothes or bathe in. Brown water also tastes horrible to drink.

3. How important is getting brown water issues fixed? People on rural properties with these types of issues are concerned about their health and also concerned about what damage the water will do to their plumbing, vehicles and their appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. They are also concerned about their skin and in particular more sensitive skin such as a baby. Other concerns are discolouration of concrete, kitchen sinks and windows, glassware, cars, boats and other vehicles from brown water.

4. Can brown water and metallic tasting water be fixed on a rural property? Yes absolutely it can. At Water Quality Consultants, we are experts at we can getting rid of your brown water and getting it tasting pure as the best quality and most expensive bottled water.

5. How will you fix my foul-tasting water? We recommend an initial scoping project. We travel to your property and do an analysis of your water quality to see what levels of minerals are present. From there we can establish what is the best method to rectify the problem, the cost, any risks and provide a project time Line.

6. What happens if my bore water pump is 200 metres underground, how will you fix the water quality? It will depend on what minerals are present in your water. We have solutions for all applications. Contact us below.

7. Can we be present when you test the water? Yes, absolutely. We encourage you to be part of the process. We can explain technical things in a simple way for you to understand. You will then get a good understanding on what your water quality is like and what the process will be to fix it.

8. Can you supply all the parts required to fix the problem Yes we can. Water Quality Consultants are the New Zealand agents for Kinetico which provide high quality water treatment equipment. Darryl from WQC has successfully helped hundreds of rural properties owners over the years to turn brown metal tasting water into pure water that is better quality than the finest bottled water.

Contact us now and get pure, healthy water for your family today.

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