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Water treatment for Dairy Farms in New Zealand

Water treatment for dairy farms is something that we have been involved with for many years.  The water supply is a precious resource and vital to the operation of a dairy farm and grading and exclusions can be a headache with the rules and regulations surrounding the industry. We take away the confusion and stress and fix your water supply.

The quality of the ground water in NZ varies from region to region and a lot of the time, it varies inside those regions too. In fact, your water supply could be totally different to your neighbours (We have seen this happen a lot – “how come they have great water and we’re less than 100 metres away and ours is rubbish!”), but most areas have a pattern or history of what the water quality is like. Traditionally the Waikato area has high iron, Wanganui and Nelson has high hardness, Pukekohe has high Manganese and some or all of the places in certain areas has all of these issues plus more.

Factors to take into account when designing water treatment systems for dairy farms:

The source of the water Bore, Surface (Lake, creek, stream, dam, pond), rain and the municipal water supply in some cases.

What is the quality of this water and is the water quality consistent?

Is the flow and pressure large enough to meet your requirements?

What is the capital and running cost of the equipment going to be?

How do I know that its going to work?

Can I just treat the drinking and shed water and not the wash down water?

Is there someone local that can maintain the system and repair it if need be?

My contact form has a questionnaire that has fields in that need to be filled out so I can make an accurate assessment of whats required

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