• Water Consultant

Arguably the most important ingredient that goes into beer is water!

Water can make it or break it hence why water treatment for craft beer manufacturing – or any beer or winery, it’s important to get it right.

Understanding what the brewer wants – usually there are different areas that require various different grades of water such the bottle rinser or water used in the process so being able to analyse the source of the water, how much of its required in various areas of the plant and taking into account to future proof for expansion.  I can’t help but feel proud when I know I had an input and contributed to the final product that the owner/s themselves are proud of.

The process is generally the same for any plant where specifying a water treatment plant is involved.

  • What is the quality of the source water and is it consistent

  • How much of it is required

  • To what standard/s does the water have to be treated to.

  • What is the capital and ongoing cost of the Water Treatment plant

  • Will I be able to use someone local to service and maintain the sys

  • Does the supplier have a good reputation and carry spare parts

There is a trend for water treatment plants in craft breweries to be able to be monitored autonomously with data from the water treatment plant being able to be sent to a cloud based monitoring programme so it can be viewed and controlled anywhere in the world with alerts being sent to cell phones so action can be taken immediately – however this isn’t totally necessary, but it’s an excellent option to consider.

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