Water Quality Consulting is a reputed New Zealand-based business that particularly specialises in developing quality water supply systems and examining water sources.


No matter what the source of your water is, be it a dam, stream, bore, well or even town supply, my solutions can help to ensure timely delivery of clean drinking water right to you.

Or do you need to establish a safe and reliable water supply?

With over 2 decades of active industry experience, WQC always makes sure to guarantee effective delivery of bespoke & innovative solutions in water sample collection, inspection, assurance and certification for supply chains and clients alike. I offer on-site visits for paying utmost attention to the requirements of customers and addressing their water quality assurance needs diligently.

The vast repertoire of services from WQC include these main offerings:

• Collection of water samples 
• Conducting tests and analysing the results
• Consultancy service for improving quality of water
• Designing, installation and commissioning of water supply systems
• Troubleshooting of existing systems.

I also have at my disposal the development expertise and technology required to handle a multitude of water sample types - domestic water, drinking water, rainwater, processed water, river/stream/lake water and groundwater. My contacts include other specialists in the related fields of the water industry including pump and hydraulic engineers.

WQC currently caters its services to a diverse clientele comprised of -

• Lifestyle blocks 
• Households
• Industry requiring Deionised Water
• Industry requiring RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems
• Hotels and Resorts
• Farm (Poultry, livestock and dairy)
• Turnkey skid mounted systems
• Craft Beer Industry
• Medical Centres
• Process Water

The prime target of my business is to always make sure that any given water source being inspected by me matches the pre-defined safety standards ideally. Whatever is the issue with the water sample brought to or gathered by WQC, I will zealously seek out the most appropriate solutions to purify its source.

Darryl Ingham, Owner
Darryl has been involved in the water industry for more than 20 years now. Initially, he used to be in his own business, which he subsequently sold to a larger company. He stayed on as the company’s water treatment expert and continued to provide analysis, recommendations, installations and technical work.

As a Sales Engineer for one of New Zealand’s larger businesses in the water industry, Darryl designed, installed and commissioned systems for consultants and pump & water treatment resellers and end users.

These included skid-mounted water treatment plants for hospitals, endoscopy and laparoscopy units to meet standard 4187, deionised water units for universities and laboratories, dairy farmers, breweries, wineries –and even holy water for a church. He has also done his fair share for householders and lifestyle block owners.

Darryl has forged useful relationships in the water and related industries, including pump and hydraulic engineers & tradespeople.

Above all, he understands the importance of getting the right system designed, commissioned or repaired within the required time frame.